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Maroon Arts and Culture

— EST. Juneteenth 2019—

Maroon Arts & Culture (Maroon AC) was founded by theatre practitioner and educator Lindsay A. Jenkins on Juneteenth 2019. After years of searching for a sense of belonging in the mainstream, she did like so many others have done before her and created a space for community in the wilderness. You are invited into this space as an equal contributor. We honor your experiences. We value your story. We welcome you into our modern Maroon community.

About our Name: Why “Maroon?”

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Maroon Arts and Culture’s mission is empowerment through performance, arts education and cultural programming. Our initiatives include:
  • Production and development of theatre that celebrates the culture, history, rituals and traditions of the African diaspora.
  • Investing in the future of Black theatre and Black artists.
  • Arts and culture education initiatives for students and adults.
  • Multi-disciplinary experiences that educate the public on cultural and social issues.
  • Creation of digital content for public consumption including audio performances, video recordings, and digital archives.
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