Someone once told us, “y’all don’t dream small.” Truer words were never spoken. Maroon Arts and Culture is a start-up driven by passion and purpose. Our goal is to grow a community. We believe that our Freedom School initiative has the potential to be nationwide with after-school programs in schools all over the country and a Playwriting program that teens look forward to every year. We envision our signature event, Jubilee, to evolve into  an iconic and long-running arts festival that celebrates Black theatre, Black performance art and more. Maroon Arts and Culture values community over capital. Our goal is to start where we are and focus on building relationships with artists and community partners. With your support, we can continue to implement programs that impact communities, students and artists.

Our initiatives include: 

  • Production and development of theatre that celebrates the culture, history, rituals and traditions of the African diaspora.
  • Investing in the future of Black theatre and Black artists.
  • Arts and culture education initiatives for students and adults.
  • Multi-disciplinary experiences that educate the public on cultural and social issues.
  • Creation of digital content for public consumption including audio performances, video recordings, and digital archives.
Donate now at Fractured Atlas!
Donate now at Fractured Atlas!
Donate now at Fractured Atlas!

What People Say

“[Student] enjoys Book Club and Celia is great with the kids. They told me that they wish all of their educational experiences were led by teachers like Ms. Carey.”

Freedom School Parent

“Maroon Arts and Culture has carved out a specific lane… through the celebration and preservation of Black rituals and traditions, their events are a source of restoration and communal pride.

Sophina Brown

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