Freedom School

Freedom School is open for students grades 6- 12.

University students and emerging artists interested in a FREE 10-week workshop, checkout our Working In Theatre Series, a co-production with Center Theatre Group.

We are at a turning point in our education system. Over the past few months we’ve seen a demand, not only for virtual learning, but for culturally diverse curriculum- and that’s exactly what we’re offering this fall at Freedom School.

Our teachers have various credentials, multiple degrees and decades of experience in the classroom. Though our instructors have experience in public, private and charter school systems, they specialize in engaging diverse student bodies. Additionally our curriculum is developed within a framework of anti-bias education. Each class will be live instruction once a week, plus online engagement during the week and virtual field trips!

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“This is My America” Book Study

By Kim Johnson

“This Is My America” by Kim Johnson is a thrilling fiction novel that draws inspiration from current events. Tracey is a young African- American girl fighting to get her wrongly accused father released from Death Row. As Tracey reflects on her American experience, students will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences.

Our very own Director of Education, Ms. Carey, will be our guide through this exciting book, analyzing the characters and making connections to the world around us.

Over 10 weeks, we will will be immersed in this page-turner and enjoy the ups and downs of Kim Johnson masterpiece. Join us for this interactive, virtual book study led by an extraordinary teacher.


9 Weeks

Classes start October 24th.

Playwriting for Teens

Playwriting for Teens is a course designed to empower students to write the stories they want to see in the world. We will spend time developing our artistic point-of-view and understanding how storytelling can be both an act of revolution and an expression of freedom. Participants will get into the nuts and bolts of playwriting as we practice finding a juicy story, understanding comedy and tragedy, character development, creating high stakes situations and more.

Enrollment in this course automatically enrolls participants in the Teen 10 Minute Play Competition in November. The competition is optional. Interested students can submit new, 10 minute plays developed in this workshop or outside of class. 5 plays will be selected to be produced online and 1 student will walk away with a prize!


9 Weeks

Classes start October 24th.

Math Empowerment

Math is a form of communication. When we understand that people communicate in different ways, we understand that math can be taught in different ways. This class attacks negative feelings around math by changing the format from numbers to words. 

Math word problems are related to riddles and and logic questions. Any student who is confident with riddles can be confident with math.

As we mix around through different mental puzzles, we can see just how easy it is to reduce our anxiety around these kinds of questions. Taught by a veteran math teacher with years of experience impacting Black and Brown students, this class will cover math vocabulary and how to think creatively to find missing information. Discover how to solve some of the hardest problems by identifying simple clues.


7 Weeks

Classes start October 24th.

Drama Critics Club

The Ferguson Theatre Syllabus was developed in 2014 in response to the horrific murder of Michael Brown. Updated in 2020, this list of plays highlights marginalized experiences and provides the springboard for anti-racist education.

Each semester, our founder, L.J. selects plays from this syllabus and guides students through close readings, discussion and analysis. Participants will have access to contextual information to help facilitate understanding and guest speakers to provide additional perspectives.


9 Weeks

Classes start October 24th.

Celia D. Carey, M.Ed., is the Director of Education for Maroon Arts and Culture. She has dedicated her life to education. With 14 years of teaching experience in secondary schools throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, she particularly has a passion for working with students that come from tough backgrounds. Celia earned her Bachelor’s degree in the area of Psychology from the illustrious Hampton University in Virginia. She later completed her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the beautiful Dallas Baptist University in Texas. She has taught all levels of students, and is certified in Special Education, English as a Second Language, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Principalship. She currently serves as the English/Language Arts Instructional Lead Teacher at a middle school in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. 

Celia is determined to continue to educate the masses through the lens of the experiences that the ancestors of African Americans endured. Through Maroon Arts & Culture, Celia hopes to combat the white-washing of history in the United States by showcasing the little known stories of our ancestors through an African American perspective.

Yohance Serrant is a California native who lives in Los Angeles. He has a Masters degree from UCLA and has been teaching Math for over 20 years. He has helped hundreds of students from various backgrounds overcome their math anxiety and succeed by making sure to creatively find ways to explain ideas simply. Yohance knows how much kids struggle with math because he struggled himself as a kid. But once a great teacher taught him, he learned and wanted to make sure to teach others. 

“I have witnessed the transformative energy of education within my own life as a student, and seeing that the energy can be transferred to more students is what inspires me to continue teaching.”

Lindsay A. Jenkins (L.J.) is the founder of Maroon Arts and Culture. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre from California State University, Northridge.

Like many theatre practitioners, L.J. has performed a variety of roles over the years; however she considers her time as a Middle and High school theatre teacher as one of her most valuable experiences.  Not only did it foster her passion for arts education and interest in dramaturgy, she was inspired everyday by the curiosity and creativity of her students. She believes that the arts are a critical component to a students educational journey. In her roles as Content Teacher Lead and Arts Chair, she has written and trained educators on multicultural arts education that supports core classes. Though no longer a full-time teacher, L.J. still works as a Teaching Artist engaging students in public and charter schools online and across Los Angeles.

Did you know?

During the Civil Rights era “freedom schools” opened across the country. Sponsored by civic organizations and churches, freedom schools were created to combat the subpar and biased curriculum being taught in public schools.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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